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Peering into a sustainable future, as we power a limitless world

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Imagining a new world for an energised tomorrow

We live in a world where fossil fuels continue to deplete the world’s limited natural resources. The impact of these fossil fuels have scaled to irreversible levels with the emission of greenhouse gases and endangering pollutants into the atmosphere. The need for renewable energy sources has never been more urgent. At Kirloskar, our guiding principle to power the limitless, emboldens us to innovate and engineer sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener world. With our strengthened resolve and profound vision, we marked our presence in the Wind Energy Generation sector. 

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Powering the winds of change

Our commitment to innovate sustainable solutions for carbon neutrality is what inspires the change in the Wind Energy Generation sector. Our wind energy projects are engineered with state-of-the-art technology, empowering our customers to provide renewable energy.  

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With a great legacy, comes a great responsibility

At Kirloskar, we have always been conscious of our legacy. After all, with a great legacy comes a great responsibility to the future. As company that has long peered into the future to solve the problems of the present, we have an unshakeable belief in the power of potential. Unlocking the potential of every Indian whilst offering them unlimited possibilities, is what we live to do. This future, without boundaries, is central to our entire corporate philosophy.

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We invite driven, talented and diligent people, who like us, believe in the limitless potential of innovation, integrity and ambition, to join us.