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Energising resources today for a limitless tomorrow

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Imagining a new world for an energised tomorrow

We live in a world where fossil fuels continue to deplete the world’s limited natural resources. The impact of these fossil fuels have scaled to irreversible levels with the emission of greenhouse gases and endangering pollutants into the atmosphere. The need for renewable energy sources has never been more urgent. At Kirloskar, our guiding principle to power the limitless, emboldens us to innovate and engineer sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener world. With our strengthened resolve and profound vision, we marked our presence in the Wind Energy Generation sector.

For us, it all began with a humble iron plough. India’s first iron plough, engineered by us, would go on to not only become an instrument of wealth for the entire nation but also kick-start the industrial revolution. The plough was the first of many of our engineering innovations. The firsts that followed include India’s first centrifugal pump, first diesel engine, first lathe and so on. Our journey, spanning over a century, has been defined by identifying the needs of our customers, industries and the nation at large. Sometimes, even before they do.

Today, as the world seeks alternate solutions to the looming climate crisis, we have stepped up our efforts in engineering solutions for wind generation. Two decades ago, when Wind Energy Generation was at its nascent stage in India, we set out with a single-minded focus on being carbon neutral with green energy.

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Our values are at the core of everything we do

On these guiding principles we build trust and loyalty with our partners, our team, our stakeholders and the community we work within. The values form our corporate DNA, paving the way for growth, expansion and innovation. As we step into a limitless future, we commit to embody them in all our endeavours.


We never compromise on quality


We grow with our people and our partners


We do what we say and say what we do


We are bold, brave and forward thinking


We work at building a shared, prosperous future


We are always listening, learning and growing

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Custodians of our cherished values

Our board of directors are our guiding lights and inspiration to create a future filled with boundless opportunities.

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Our Journey

It’s been a long and wonderful journey and the main constants have been our integrity, our innovation and our wonderful customers.